Aviation & Security

Scope of Supply

We supply a wide range of equipment for the Aviation Sector.

From 2006 onwards we have undertaken several turnkey projects for supply, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of baggage handling systems and associated screening equipment.

Airside Product Range

We supply ground handling equipment, passenger transit vehicles, tractors, baggage elevators and loaders, pushback equipment & accessories and full range of X-ray screening equipment.

Passenger Side

We offer passenger luggage trolleys, check-in desks, weighing scales, mobile passenger scanners, hand held scanners, airport carpark systems and security access system.

Turnkey Projects

We have executed turnkey projects at African Airports. Our equipment and technology partners are European Based and we supply quality products at a competitive price. 

In 2006/7 we designed, delivered, installed and commissioned the complete arrivals baggage handling systems with associated X-Ray security equipment.

In 2009 we designed, delivered, installed and commissioned the complete check-in desks and systems with associated X-Ray security equipment.

In 2014/15 we designed, delivered, installed and commissioned a new airport expansion project. This involved new arrivals carousel, 8 check-in desks and associated screening equipment.

Since 2014/15 we he been executing a maintenance contract with an International airport in East Africa covering the baggage handling systems.

Associated Case Studies