Laboratory & Research

Industry Sectors Served

We supply a wide range of laboratory equipment, instruments and consumables. We undertake turnkey projects and supply of complete laboratory solutions within the Research, Analytical and Bureau of Standards Applications.

The brief details which follow below will guide you to our core activities within the sector.

Turnkey Projects for setting up Laboratory and Research Centres

Sagewood specializes in turnkey projects to provide workable and appropriate solutions for laboratory set ups.

We have designed, supplied, installed and commissioned several laboratories within the following sectors:

- Agronomy Laboratories

- National Standards Boards Applications

- Animal Research

- Crop Research

- Histology Laboratories for Medical Applications

- Materials Testing

Training and Maintenance.

Sagewood provides training on site and at special train centres for all high end equipment that we supply. We are able to provide annual maintenance and spares to ensure that the instruments work at optimal levels.

Some of the High End Laboratory Equipment we supply and Maintain:

- DNA RNA Synthesizers

- DNA Sequencers

- UV-VIs spectrometers

- X-Ray spectrometers

- FTIR instruments

- Chemical Analyzers

- Blood Analyzers

- Photometers

- Atomic Absorption Instruments

General Laboratory Instruments supplied:

- Shakers & Stirrers

- Hot Plates

- Ovens and Incubators (acuum, CO2, Conventional & Circulation)

- Laboratory Glassware - full range

- Filters

- Autoclaves and Accessories

Reagents and Laboratory Chemicals

We offer a full range of reagents and chemicals for laboratory applications:

- Full range of Analytical Reagents - high purity and grade

- Laboratory Chemicals

- PCR Polymerase Range of Consumables

- Various Dyes and Stains

- Agars Associated Products (oxiod)

We have the ability to ship world-wide using specialized packaging for dangerous goods from within our own facilities.

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