Manufacturing and Supply Base

Sagewood Limited has been involved in several sectors within the Electric Transmission and Distribution Industry since 1987.

We supply all materials from our partner factories based in China and India. Our association with our partner factories over the past decades has enabled us to develop processes that ensure that quality, material specifications, adherence to international standards and timely deliveries are maintained.

We have central warehouse facilities in North and South China and are able to consolidate products from all our partner factories. This enables us to supply a range of products such as cables, pole line hardware, termination kits, circuit breakers, and other products and ship as one single shipment to our customers worldwide. This is particularly useful for contractors who may want all their materials in one shipment from one single source for ease of operation.

Product Range

Our Products covers the complete range of materials used by the Transmission and Distribution Industry.

Cables and Conductors - full range of cables manufactured in our partner factories. Voltages from low voltage to high voltage.

Termination and Jointing Kits - for low voltage to high voltage applications.

Pole Line Hardware - guy grips, dead ends, clamps, D irons, brackets, cross arms, bolts & nuts, stay rods, full range of ABC fittings and accessories and bimetallic clamps. Our dedicated galvanization plant provides galvanization to BS and ASTM specifications for full protection against rust.

Fuses and Switchgear - full range of "J" type fuses to BS88 and ASTM specifications. Dropout fuses manufactured from porcelain or polymer bodies complete with brackets and fuselinks.

Prepaid Meters - complete with vending and AMR or AMI control systems. We offer turnkey projects for this sector.

Circuit Breakers - MCB and MCCB covering a wide range of applications from low voltage to high voltage with remote operation are manufactured in our Partner Factories.

Turnkey Projects

We undertake turnkey projects in specific markets. This involves supply, installation commission and training.

Recent projects include Rural Electrification project in Ghana. This involved installation of 11kv and 33kv lines.

Current projects under negotiation are for supply, installation and commissioning of a Smart Metering TOU (Time of Use) system in Uganda for a major utility.

Associated Case Studies