Scope of Work

Sagewood Limited has been involved in the Health Sector for the past 28 years. We supply a complete range of equipment and consumables for Teaching Hospitals, Health Clinics and Rural Service Clinics. With our ISO13485:2012 Medical accreditation and ISO 9001:2008 Quality accreditation we are fully qualified to serve the Health Sector. 

In addition to supply of equipment and consumables, we offer a range of services which covers installation, commissioning and training on products supplied by us.

We have a team of qualified personal who are factory trained by the equipment manufacturers. This strength allows us to offer maintenance services to Hospitals and Health Ministries to maintain their equipment on a annual basis.

Our aim is to offer a quality product at a competitive price and to provide a support service for the Hospitals and Ministries to maintain their products.

Supply Base

Sagewood Limited has long term agreements with several world class accredited manufacturers of medical equipment.

This allows us to source quality products at competitive prices and enables us to customise products for each market to make them more suitable for their particular environment.

Our service engineers are regularly trained by the equipment manufacturers to ensure that every product supplied to the Hospitals has the support if required to ensure efficient operation.

Product Range

Autoclaves for CSSD operations, complete range of surgical equipment, stainless steel hollow-ware, full range of hospital furniture, patient monitors, cardiac monitors, mental health equipment, physiotherapy equipment, blood transfusion equipment, dental equipment and accessories.

International Competitive Tenders

We regularly participate in International Competitive Tenders for supply of Medical Equipment, consumables and Pharmaceutical products.

We specialise in putting together packages to supply a wide range of equipment and consumables under one contract. Our strength in sourcing a wide range of equipment coupled with our technically qualified team on site enables us to complete turnkey projects covering supply, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of all products supplied by ourselves.

Associated Case Studies